Taking a Break

You may have noticed that there haven’t been any new posts here for a while, and I apologise for that. Getting married took over so much of my time, as did my book blog. I’ve thought about it a lot and have decided to take a little break from The Postscript to get myself organised … More Taking a Break

For International Women’s Day 2017 – The Women Who Inspire Me #IWD2017

I’m not a very political person and I must admit I do not really do much to mark International Women’s Day – which I know is bad! But I like to spend the day thinking about the women who really inspire me, and I did that today. Cheryl Strayed Like everyone else I read Wild … More For International Women’s Day 2017 – The Women Who Inspire Me #IWD2017

Heroine: Jess Day

As a person who is cool enough to read this blog (!), I’m going to assume that you’re familiar with the show New Girl – if not, sort that out. It is one of my all time favourite shows, and up there with the best sitcoms ever (The US Office, Spaced, Frasier, Seinfeld, to name … More Heroine: Jess Day

The Dress

One of the best things about 2017 is that I am getting married in June. We have been engaged since July and it seemed like the wedding was quite far away… but now that we are in 2017 it seems very soon – only five months! We have almost everything booked and organised, but the … More The Dress

Hello 2017!

Hello! It has been just ages since I posted here, or on my book blog, and I am sorry for that. My fianc√© and I bought a house in October, and in the last month we have been going a bit mad getting it done up and ready to live in… and then there was … More Hello 2017!