Two New Podcasts I Love

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find listening to music a bit distracting or overwhelming when I’m at work. For some reason I find it easier to listen to podcasts, and still manage to pay attention to them even when I am actively working – typing or whatever. That makes it sound like I don’t pay attention to my work, but I promise I do! Anyway. I’ve been trying to branch out with podcasts lately and try something new. I’m very pleased that the new season of You Must Remember This has now started and I listened to the first two episode as soon as they were released. The new theme is ‘Dead Blondes’ which fits in nicely with my weird interest in crime and mysteries…

Which leads me to the two new podcasts I have discovered and decided that I officially like. Both were discovered through browsing on Spotify, which is actually a pretty good function in the app. Anyway, they are:

Missing Maura Murray


I’m a few episodes into this one and think it’s great so far, though it does sometimes get a bit rambly… and there are 40 episodes so far, so I hope the rest still have focus etc. The podcast is part of a project to make a documentary about the disappearance of Maura Murray in 2004, and the two guys who make it are clearly fascinated by the case and it shows. They go into great detail about all the aspects of the case, from Maura’s family and friends, to the days before the disappearance, to the night of the disappearance itself. They also talk to author James Renner who has written a book about his own obsession with the case. If you like him on this podcast you should check out his blog as it provides a lot of useful background information. Which leads me to another thing I like about this podcast – the discussion of why cases like Maura’s fascinate us, and what drives us to look for the truth. You can see the podcast/documentary website here.

In Sight


I’ve only listened to three episodes of this one, but I already know I’ll love it. The hosts live on two different continents and record together over Skype so the sound is not always perfect, but their conversations are just fascinating. Officially their theme is “Unsolved and unresolved crimes, missing persons, possible wrongful convictions, forgotten history, and any other baffling mystery that takes our interest.” – so this can cover a lot of things! The first three episodes cover Lori Ruff, the disappearance of the Beaumont children, and Chris McCandless. So it’s a mixture of crime and mystery, which I really like. The Lori Ruff episode was really great, and I hope they do a follow-up now that she has been identified (in case you haven’t heard of her, Lori Ruff was not her real identity and for several years after her death in 2010 she was a complete mystery; this article explains it better). I just love this kind of stuff and am so pleased I discovered this podcast – it has a nice conversational feel and a little bit of humour that helps too. The website is here.

I’d love to hear about any new podcasts you have discovered or any that you really love – personally I prefer ones with stories, real life stuff, interesting things that you might not know otherwise. I look forward to discovering more! Feel free to comment below with recommendations 🙂

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