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Blogosphere magazine, issue 11

It seems ironic that there is a print magazine about blogging – but it turns out that Blogosphere magazine is worth the irony. Each issue costs £6, not cheap, but they are like little books that you can delve into again and again, and are in no way short on valuable content. Issue 11 features “queen of the internet” Zoella on its cover and features the usual array of interesting interviews and articles coupled with some really lovely photography. Luckily the shop next to my office sells Blogosphere, so I picked up a copy at lunch today.


I usually think of Zoella as someone that appeals to and makes content for teenagers, but the fact is that she is 26 and leads an adult life – and this is addressed in the interview with her. When you are over 25 it’s easy to dismiss the ‘YouTube generation’ but some of them are really doing something good, and that is the case with Zoella. Her whole schtick is that she’s fun and accessible, if a little cute-sy, but when you actually look at her blog and her videos she talks about real things too. One thing I really admire is that she talks openly about dealing with her anxiety and how that affects her life. This post about it is particularly good, and she talks about her anxiety in the Blogosphere interview.

The issue also features interviews with several other bloggers and an article about ‘diversifying your income’ and how you might be able to make some money from you blog and related work. Lots of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers (like Zoella) are able to turn their blog into a way to make money though advertising and using their blogging skills to create content for other people. I think this sort of thing is pretty important if you want to dedicate more time and effort to your blog, and get your name and ‘brand’ out there – but if you are blogging just because you like it, and you don’t want to make it anything more than a hobby, making money isn’t really the focus. Personally I think it’d be great to get a little extra pocket money from doing something I love, but it doesn’t really work with book blogging in the same way that it does with lifestyle blogging – and somehow I don’t think that most literary magazines are really that aware of bloggers…

The rest of the magazine is divided into several regular sections, each highlighting a choice of bloggers and their sites. The sections cover the most popular blogging topics out there: beauty, fashion, food, fitness, lifestyle, photography, travel, and parenting. There’s also an agony aunt page, but I’m not going to promote that because instead you should write to our very own agony aunt, Dear Clementine! She is ready and waiting to answer your questions and dilemmas…

As Blogosphere isn’t the cheapest thing, I don’t always buy every issue, but when I do I really enjoy it. As I said there’s a lot to take in and it’s the sort of magazine you can read over several days. I’d be very keen to see them add a books section though as the world of book blogging is huge! And I know plenty of amazing book bloggers that deserve the attention.

Have you bought Blogosphere magazine? What do you think of it?


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