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Hello 2017!

Hello! It has been just ages since I posted here, or on my book blog, and I am sorry for that. My fiancé and I bought a house in October, and in the last month we have been going a bit mad getting it done up and ready to live in… and then there was Christmas, and New Year, and we finally moved in over the last few days. Life has simply got in the way of blogging, and I really have missed it. I have several book reviews that I need to write and post, and there is lots of exciting personal stuff to be talking about too!

I am writing this at our new dining room table, sitting on a new dining room chair. Bowie is on the Sonos, I’ve got a cup of tea, and last night was our first spent in the new house. This is a new level of contentment, of relaxing into happiness (that sounds a bit weird but you know what I mean). I may have an achey back from moving, but I am still happy today. Also it’s my birthday.

2016 was pretty shit on a global level, but on a personal level, for me, it was pretty good. I really started to love my job and made some solid progress; we had two great holidays; got engaged; and bought a house! My fiancé Dan and I are the happiest we have ever been. In December we celebrated six years together, and we are getting married in June. Today, in our new house, in 2017, I feel something different. I know that life won’t always be perfect or super-duper, but I know that we will be ok, and that we are really lucky. Right now the best thing is feeling settled at last in our own house, feeling like a grown-up, thinking ‘this is it, this is my life’ and just being so fucking pleased with everything that I need a moment to take it all in. I am feeling genuinely positive about 2017, and am excited about working hard for what I want and what I have, and making life as good as it can be. And we’re planning on getting a dog in the second half of the year. Which is literally the best thing ever. Dogs are better than people.

I hope that you are feeling positive and hopeful for 2017 as well, whatever your life or circumstances. We have all come out of 2016 a little older and wiser, and I think we can all work to make 2017 a good year, despite our setbacks and mad political situations. All we can do is make the best of what we have and be as happy as we can, and help others to achieve the same thing. Here’s to 2017!


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