Hi, I’m Lizzi, and welcome to The Postscript!

The Postscript is a blog about life beyond books.

The blog features reviews of things that aren’t books, and personal posts about life and all that jazz. I write about mental health, things that interest me in the media, work, relationships, the list goes on…

In 2017 I will also be blogging about getting married – the wedding is in June!

The Postscript proudly boasts its very own agony aunt in the form of Dear Clementine! She is here to answer your questions and dilemmas about life, reading, parenting, relationships, careers, you name it!

Thank you to Carolyn for coming up with our name.


If you would like to get in touch please email lizzi@theselittlewords.com or contact me on Twitter @lizzi_thom, especially if you’d like to contribute an article or review to the blog.

About the author

I live in Oxford and work in Editorial at Routledge. I studied English Lit at Royal Holloway, University of London, and counting internships have now worked in publishing for five years. Books are my first passion but I am also interested in politics, fashion, film, music, feminism, dogs, eating, yoga, and my fiancé Dan. I blog about books at theselittlewords.com.


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