Dear Clementine


Introducing Dear Clementine!



More swearing than Dear Prudence (the Emily Yoffe incarnation, at least), less sex than Savage Love, and more cookery than Dear Sugar: welcome to Dear Clementine!

As a firstborn, I’ve been a giver of advice (solicited and not-so-much) since I could talk, and never once have I been accused of holding back. Now I’m delighted to dish out practical and possibly pugnacious advice for Postscript readers on matters personal, professional, and parental. Think of Clementine as a your friendly bespectacled, tattoo-sporting, and thank-you-note-sending sounding board.

If you have questions about what to serve at your next dinner party, holiday horror stories, how to word a tricky text message, or any other queries that don’t require research on Wikipedia, please send them to [] posthaste.

About Clementine:

Clementine is the nom de plume of writer and editor Carolyn Oliver. Carolyn lives near Boston with her family.


Dear Clementine posts:

Dear Clementine #1: The Other Picard



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