Hello 2017!

Hello! It has been just ages since I posted here, or on my book blog, and I am sorry for that. My fiancé and I bought a house in October, and in the last month we have been going a bit mad getting it done up and ready to live in… and then there was … More Hello 2017!

Five Years

Today is 13th July 2016, and five years ago I graduated from university. I remembered because Facebook told me, showing me a picture of me on the day itself, beaming in my robe and mortar board. Five years ago I was 23, way too blonde, and working as an intern. I had only just started to … More Five Years

An Easter Weekend

Thank god for four-day weekends. I love my job but it is wonderful to have so many days free, to be able to sleep in and stay up late. On Friday I drove to my mum’s house (my first time driving alone on a motorway) which was freeing and wonderful. I felt pleased and frankly … More An Easter Weekend