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Blogosphere magazine, issue 11

It seems ironic that there is a print magazine about blogging – but it turns out that Blogosphere magazine is worth the irony. Each issue costs £6, not cheap, but they are like little books that you can delve into again and again, and are in no way short on valuable content. Issue 11 features… Continue reading Blogosphere magazine, issue 11

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Dear Clementine #1: The Other Picard

Dear Clementine #1: The Other Picard Dear Clementine, My wife and I just got married in September. We’re both 32 and childless, which naturally means a lot of our conversations now consist of raising children: Is this as crazy as other people make it look? Do they ever sleep? Is the toddler stage just something… Continue reading Dear Clementine #1: The Other Picard

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Dear Clementine: an agony aunt for 2016

As recently documented on The Pool, the agony aunt had a ‘renaissance’ in 2015, and here at The Postscript we are proud to be part of this revival of such a long-standing and well-loved tradition. Introducing Dear Clementine, our brand new agony aunt! Dear Clementine is the brainchild of the marvellous Carolyn Oliver, and you… Continue reading Dear Clementine: an agony aunt for 2016