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Owning a House: WTAF?

As a ‘millennial’ I know that owning a house at my age (28) is a rare and lucky thing. I have a decent job and perpetually no money. My fiancé is the same, though perhaps with a little money (he was clever enough not to choose a career in publishing!). We know a few couples who have bought their own homes, but they have scrimped and saved, or had help from family, or are on some awful mortgage (it’s almost impossible to buy a house/flat as a single pringle). Now, Dan and I are one of those couples. Today, we completed our house purchase.

What the actual fuck.

Oh and we’re getting married next year. Let’s do all these things at once!

I can’t quite believe that we have the house. Tonight we will go and let ourselves in with OUR OWN KEYS and walk around and go ‘oh my god this is ours!’. Reckon it will take some time for it to sink in. We’ll just stare at it.

(image: postgradproblems.com)

We didn’t really plan to buy a house and plan a wedding in the same year, but there you go. Truth be told it is all rather overwhelming and has not been the best time ever, but it is all in preparation for the best time ever, i.e. being married in our own house and one day getting a dog. That’s the dream.

Completing on the sale seems like ticking something off the list, but really it just leads to more stuff. We need furniture – we have to make a list! We need to save money! Do we need more lamps!

I think first we’ll get a bed and a fridge. It’s important to have the basics. Like in The Sims.

That’s literally how I’m thinking of house-ownership at the moment.

I know it will all be fine. But it’s kind of unbelievable.

Welcome to adult life!!



2 thoughts on “Owning a House: WTAF?

  1. Congratulations for reaching this goal!! You and your lovely fiancé must be very proud of yourselves! We’re very happy to read this.

    Greetings from Switzerland,

    People who love you. 🙂


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