2016 · Career · Family · Life · personal essay

Five Years

Today is 13th July 2016, and five years ago I graduated from university. I remembered because Facebook told me, showing me a picture of me on the day itself, beaming in my robe and mortar board.

Five years ago I was 23, way too blonde, and working as an intern. I had only just started to think about forging a real career in publishing. Now, I’m an Editorial Assistant at an academic publisher and dreaming of my future as a Big Boss Editor (working from home at least two days a week is very much part of that dream).

On the personal side of things, five years ago I had known Dan for eight or nine months and we had been officially ‘together’ for about six months. Now, we have been together for five and a half years, we live together in Oxford, and at the weekend we got engaged. Change is a good thing.

My nephew also just turned five. His little life puts mine in perspective – five years is both a long time, and hardly any time at all. Five years is a small segment of my life so far, but to him it is all he knows. I envy the expanse of time he has ahead of him, but I am glad for my life experience – the good with the bad.

I have a rough idea of where I might be in five years’ time – and it’s a good picture. Here’s to many more.


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