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Feeling Good

(image via nutritionwithchelsea.com)

There are plenty of instances in my life when I don’t feel good. I have mild mental health issues that mean some days are harder than others. So when I feel good I really appreciate it.

I think this week is going to be good.

Tonight I am seeing one of my all-time favourite bands for the first time ever, though I still can’t quite believe it. I will definitely be posting a review of their gig! It’s at the amazing Brixton Academy too, which I haven’t visited for ages. The whole experience will probably be kind of overwhelming, so I’m going to try and stay calm and just enjoy it!

For the rest of the week I’m attending a conference for work, something I’ve never done before. I’m looking forward (oddly enough) to the travelling and the hotel room to myself, and definitely to the actual conference. I’ll be representing my company and meeting people in the field, and hopefully I’ll be able to sit in on a few talks as well. I’m also very much looking forward to spending some time in Edinburgh, a city I’ve visited before but never really got to know. Now I’ll actually have the time to see some of it, and find out for myself why so many people love it. Something about going to a conference for work feels very grown up and independent, and this appeals to me. The fact that I’m able to do feels like a little step forward.

Then at the weekend, I’ll arrive home tired and happy, and collapse into bed, ready for two days off spent with my amazing other half.

Feels pretty good.


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