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Baroness Live at Koko, London, 1st March 2016

Before I saw them live, I knew that Baroness would play a really good show. They are the type of band that make you want to turn up the volume when you listen to them; their music is intense and visceral, and their singer John Baizley’s voice is really powerful. And I discovered it is no less powerful live.

We saw them at Koko, which is a lovely venue. It’s just the right size and any ticket lets you wander between the levels (there are several balconies) which is great for someone like me who is a bit short and also hates being squished in a crowd. We had a drink across the road at The Lyttleton Arms, which happily was full of metalheads headed to the same gig. Also, good beer.

Baroness on stage

The band were just unbelievable. They are a very loud band, if that makes sense, very impassioned and kind of intense. They definitely filled the space, which was already full of people, and made it feel even bigger. They could easily fill a stadium, both with their fans and with their music.

Koko just after the gig

I highly recommend their latest album, Purple. Their singer John Baizley creates all their album artwork, which is incredible.

As  newbie I found this album the most accessible, after Yellow & Green. I admit I don’t know Red and Blue quite as well, but what I have heard is more intense and heavy, whereas Yellow & Green and Purple are melodic and soaring as well as heavy. There are distinct melodies and a few catchy choruses. All albums have super excellent drumming, I will say that.

I am very glad that I got to see Baroness live and would really recommend it – they are a band that need to be seen live, just because they are so good. They use a mix of styles that really appeals to me as it means that their songs don’t all sound the same, and they are quite fun as well as exciting and intense. If you like melodic metal (if that’s a thing), then I urge you to check out Baroness. I’m not sure if they are actually metal, they are just sort of their own thing. I don’t know – whatever they are they’re really good!


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