Heroine: Lissie


I first came across Lissie on Later with Jools Holland, and was just mesmerised watching (and hearing!) her sing ‘Oh, Mississippi’ from her album Catching a Tiger. Her voice was just beautiful, and I was blown away. I also loved the folky, Southern feel, the way that this young woman seemed like she’d lived a life, and she knew history and sadness. Also the fact that she turned up in jeans and t-shirt with undone hair and still looked amazing. You can watch this performance (from 2010) here. The fact she sings like that live is just unbelievable.

As well as having a seriously beautiful voice (that she plays with very well), Lissie is a musician that manages to be folky, rocky, acoustic, and everything in between. Her music covers a lot of life, if that makes sense, and her albums are an eclectic mix of tones and themes. She’s only had two so far – Catching a Tiger (2010) and Back to Forever (2013) – but she has a new one coming out in February this year – My Wild West – which I am really looking forward to. She’s also playing some gigs to support the album, which you can check out here. I’ve sadly missed the opportunity to get tickets for her Oxford show, so I might just have to schlep to London, oh well…!


I’ve been thinking about why I like Lissie. I love her voice, and her guitar solos, and the fact that she is unpretentious. I like her laid back style, messy hair, freckles, low key make up, the fact that she isn’t a ‘starlet’ or a big celebrity, but a real musician. She sings about things I can relate to, and things I can’t, but they are interesting enough that that doesn’t matter. She’s kind of a tomboy, but she’s a girl in the truest sense – both tough and vulnerable, emotional, intelligent, brave, cool, sexy, fun, happy to be herself.

I’ve created a Spotify playlist of my favourite Lissie tracks for you to enjoy here.

(image: lissie.com)
(image: lissie.com)


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