2016 · TV

Gotham is back with season 2 and I could not be happier

(image: screenrant.com)
(image: screenrant.com)

I was always going to watch Gotham when it first came out, and my boyfriend and I binged on season one on Netflix as soon as we could. It has all the drama and mystery you’d expect from anything to do with Batman, coupled with the sheer excitement held in the fact that this is the origin story of origin stories – literally where it all began.

While it’s not considered canon, the events all tie together with what you will already know about the main characters, in this case Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and a few others. Mostly villains. There are a lot of villains in Gotham. Not all of them, as I say, fit in with canon, and their origins are certainly different from how they were depicted in the various Batman movies (for better or for worse) but the show is so good it almost doesn’t matter.

Season one built everything up for us, showed us who everyone was, and we had some very dramatic story arcs, such as that of Barbara Kean, who starts off as Jim’s fiancee, and then her story gets… complicated. Let’s just say at the opening of season two she is not where you would expect when you start watching season one. This show is very dramatic.

It’s also genuinely smart and twisty, with some super amazing acting, and enough drama to keep you on your toes while not exhausting you. Season two opens with the aftermath of everything having gone wrong for almost everyone at the end of season one, Jim in particular, and things need to be rebuilt and set to rights. Plus Bruce and Alfred found that cave. So there’s that.

It is just the coolest show I’ve watched in a while. There are quite a lot of comic book TV shows around at the moment, and this is the one I’m sticking with for now. I was left a bit cold by both Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil, though I have season one of Agent Carter on DVD and am really hoping that is as good as I’ve heard. Either way I cannot wait for more of Gotham, and I hope it just gets better and better. And I will keep telling everyone to watch it. You should.

Gotham season 2 is on Channel 5 on Mondays at 10pm. You can catch up on Demand 5.


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