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Dear Clementine: an agony aunt for 2016


As recently documented on The Pool, the agony aunt had a ‘renaissance’ in 2015, and here at The Postscript we are proud to be part of this revival of such a long-standing and well-loved tradition. Introducing Dear Clementine, our brand new agony aunt!

Dear Clementine is the brainchild of the marvellous Carolyn Oliver, and you can learn more about her here, as well as how to get in touch. Clementine will dish out advice on all your qualms and queries from how to master the art of giving a dinner party, to how to deal with some numpty in your office. No problem too big or too small, no question unanswerable!

Agony aunts of the past tended to be older women offering motherly advice to the confused youth, but these days most advice columns online are more about peers advising each other, and modern agony aunts are more like caring friends than concerned mothers (or aunts or whatever). They are down to earth, relatable, aren’t afraid of embarrassing or ‘rude’ topics, and are happy to listen to anything you have to say, no matter how apparently trivial or silly. Please do read the fantastic article over at The Pool, as they explain it better than me!

In the meantime, Clementine is ready and waiting for your questions!




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